Naked nails

Hello people! So, i feel like everyone has been talking bout nude lips,nude wears..why not nude nails(nail polish)?
i love nail polishes cause even though i keep my nails natural(no artificials or  extensions) they  serve as a form of hardner or protection to my nails. So
Im gonna share with you; how i pick my
Nude nails.


  Photo  Credit;

First, i find out what is my Skin undertones..if you want a review on how to know your skin undertones, i will gladly post it.


Photocredit; thecreativebukei’s hand and nails

Next, don’t go for the exact shade of your skin..mix it up by going for twoshades  lighter  or darker so you have a more defined and fab look.



Lastly, don’t be afraid to spice it up instead of a matte finish by adding glitters,Shimmer or just a simple neutral coat.

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Do you have a go to nude nail polish? If you do have, share with us.



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