Hello guys! I honestly miss you guys😍…sorry for the delay of posts on  the blog… i did some creative looks but lost all the pictures on my phone and have not had time to do more creative looks cause of work…currently at my station we are faced with pressure as a result of the deadline, so have been busy with lots of computations and im part of a team…so we have to be as accurate as possible;)
…lets get right to it


Dolls, my work starts by 8am so its not easy to wake up early and get that picture perfect look…not to worry,That’s the very reason i created this look😱




So basically i used neutral colours for the eyes and lips and nude lips. This
Picture from pinterest would explain what i did better


I used three different shades of brown In this case and blended it out.

In taking these pictures, i worked while working (If there’s anything like that.lol)

P.S my work with at clementophotography is yet to be out…apparently clem wants to make sure the pictures are perfect and he also has a lot on his plate.

What would be your workflow go to makeup? Do  share


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