It’s all about the brushes ;)

hello ladies, how’s the week going…weekend in a bit yeah 💃😁. So this post like the title states is all about makeup brushes. That is, the importance and why you need them. Also, would be stating the top 5 brushes every girl should have in her makeup bag…let’s begin!!!


*The above brush is for sale;)

Makeup brushes are the most underestimated beauty products in my opinion. The reason being, we spend alot on foundations,powders and eyeshadows but we pay little attention to the very tool we need to apply these products. I tell u girl, if your looking for that flawless and precise makeup application – invest in a good set of makeup brushes…

Some advantages of a good makeup brush includes:
– brushes get to every part and inch of your face.
– brushes can be cleaned out easily and left to dry for the next application. Hence, are reusable. Powder puffs and sponges on the other hand, have to be thrown out unless you want to keep applying dirt and oil to your face which may lead to breakouts like acne.
– brushes are more sanitary. They help to reduce bacteria and other harms from your face.
PS: i don’t advice always washing your makeup brushes tho. If you want further explanation on this. Lemme know in the comment section.

The 5 must have makeup brushes
1) stipling brush: this is used to apply foundation or bb creams to your face and sometimes for powder application.


2) contour/bronzer brush: This brush is good to contour your face and can also be used to apply blush or bronzer.


3) eyeshadow brush: For eyeshadow application
4) blending brush: To blend the different eyeshadows inorder to erase harsh lines.


5) Angle brush: For the application of eyeshadow to the outer corners of the eye.


I sell various brands of these makeup brushes including jessup and bhcosmetics. If you want to purchase
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Disclaimer: the pictures used in this post are from google.

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