P.S; we’av been doing it wrong!!!

Hello dolls! hope your week is going well? Cause mine has been fabulous.
Most of us dont even know that we have this eyeshape. I also didnt realize
Untill i started focusing on eye shadow applications and had to familarize myself with my eyes and the eyes of clients. Trust me on this dolls, its not that complicated to know your eyeshape… ‘have decided to start with the monolids and hooded which is one of the most common eyeshapes.
I’l break it down then towards the end will put them back together. Lol

No crease (mostly people with flat surfaced eyes)
That’s it guys…preety simple;)
You have a crease but its not visible.
the lid appears smaller

P.S the Crease is the part of the eye where you normally apply transition colours.


The hooded and monolid may vary depending on the individual’s face. Some are more protruding than others.
I must say, it’s preety annoying to be hooded and have monolids cause it requires you to stepup your eyeshadow and eyeliner games but we up to the task. Right dolls💪
This is because our eyelids tend to wear away eyemakeup cause of the nature of the skin rubbing off on eachother.



Notice in the makeup finished look that i applied the colour white from my inner tearduct up to the center of my eye lid. This is to draw more attention to that area and brighten up my eye. At the outer corners i added some definition to the look by using a black eyeshadow then completed the look with a nude lip. I love nude lips.
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