Jackelin lipstick review (swatches)

yes guys!!! i’av been longing to do a lipstick review and i thought to myself , why not start with these…I’ av been using these products since highschool and even before i discovered my inbuilt makeup love and talent. The jackelin lipstick was introduced to me by my immediate elder sister. We are all girls so i guess its not surprising why the last born is a makeup junkie.These jackelin lipsticks are so affordable and durable.







P.S this review is based on jackelin lipsticks that are sold by autonomous mercants and i believe are FAKE.

Product: Jackelin lipstick by pantina
Price: Range between 100n – 200n. Got mine for 150n from a random seller.

Packaging: It comes in a transparent white case with a lid sort of that’s black. There is a glued-on paper tag with the colour shade and the name of the company (pantina cosmetics inc) on it.

REVIEW: When doing the swatches, i observed that the china red is true to it
‘s shade. The black to me is more Like a dark brown and the angel pink is definately too fake to tell.

Where to find/buy: Basically any beauty or makeup shop or random sellers on the road side. I honestly don’t know where to get the original ones but when i do would holla at y’all.

Pigmentation: It was only the angel pink i had a problem with. i applied almost a million times(exaggeration) after lining my lips but it remained dull and nude like. When applied on the lips though they all tend to be oily which i like because i tend to have dry lips.

MYTAKE: i love jackelin lipsticks and im sure i’l love them even more if i lay my hands on the original products.
I also liked the fact that they are long lasting except the angel pink.

WARNING: These are all fake jackelin lipsticks!!!


Which shade of jackelin lipstick is your go to shade? Mine is the china red atm

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