All day long DIY matte lipstick (Demo with ombre lips)

Can’t afford any of those matte lipsticks out there? Or you simple want to bring life to one of your old lipsticks…here’s the 411!!!
Matte lipsticks can easily be made in less than five minutes. Plus they make your lipstick last all day long! Ain’t that cool. 👏
1)Line your lips with a lip liner that is similar to your lip shade
2)Apply the darker shade to the outer part of your mouth and the lighter shade to the inward part of your mouth.
3)Place a thin layer of tissue to your mouth
4) Take your powder brush and pack some powder on it
5) smack your lips like you just don’t care and your done…easy right.

This picture from google should help explain better.

I made use of LA girl glazed lip paint in baby doll and an old lipstick I found randomly in my sister’s makeup purse.It’s a purple shade.




PS: As far as you don’t eat anything oily, the lipstick should last all day long.

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