Revlon color stay foundations review

Hello people, sure your doing great being the festive period. holiday in the air.yeah yeah! ‘have been longing to do this review. The first day I laid eyes on her,

I could tell it was love at first sight. The packaging of these products alone is breathtaking.




Nothing but great news when you hear the formula is oil free. i will add, oil free but not completely matte so there’s time to blend it around your face and the effect isn’t drying considering the harmattan season here in Nigeria. This Quality enables the foundation last all day yet still have this fresh look and feeling on the face.


in addition,  the product is transfer resistant.  ain’t that awesome? if your like me that thinks twice before touching her face or hugging someone tightly…your in luck. Santa is here in the form of Revlon colorstay foundation!
finally, it gives this natural flawless look and glow to my face. awesome right?

this post isn’t sponsored.

if you have trouble getting yours in Nigeria.  holla @ ur girl on 08167753761 and il hook you up with the lowest prices ever.
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