Blue hues

here’s one of my works I’m excited to share. As we all know Christmas is

a party season and what you call in Nigeria owambe.




This client of mine wanted that ‘owambe’ look and I gave it to her. I started of by tiring the head gear (gele). This headgear was a bit soft and fluffy.




Opened up my awesome new 120 palette. I started of by priming the eyes and higlighting under the brows with (g).

Afterwhich, I applied the golden shades(a&b) to the inner tearduct and the blue shades(c&d) to the lid, made use of the orange shade (e) as transition and then finished up with black (f) for the outer corner of the eye. I then did my usual foundation routine using my revlon foundation and Milani powder, applied a mild highlight and contour using my sleek face contour kit as that was the look my client wanted. Then used a nude lipstick by jordana for the lips and that was it. Ofcourse I applied falsies. do you like this new pair? just tried it out and loving it so far.

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