My very own holiday makeup look (collab with bookiekunlere)

firstly, apologies for the delay, was suppose to be a Christmas post but I decided to

collaborate with the wonderful bukky so we had to find a convenient time for eachother. Being namesakes, we came up with one. how was your xmas? I’m sure you had fun or like me was stressed with chores…
in creating this look,


I made use of a white base (a) and then a black base (b) so as to stop the crease from creasing. lol. Make the colours more pigmented and last all freaking day. Then went to apply a dark green (c) to my lid while using (d) an orange shade as my transition colour. Finally, I applied a shimmery green (e) to the middle of my lid so it’l pop and then a yellowish shimmer(f) to my inner tearduct. I then lined my eyes with a kohl pencil and did some winglining after applying my falsies.




For the rest of the face, I used
Revlon foundation in mahogany
Milani powder
Maybelline blush
Sleek face contour kit


For the lips, I mixed two awesome lippencils I just got. It’s mauve like and perfect for the look.


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did working with bukky, my old school mate #airforcesecondaryschool #redeemersuniversity.checkout her look here..if you scroll down this page you’l see where you can add your email to subscribe as it has come to my notice that some of you have difficulty. kindly like, share and subscribe. Thanks. Also, feel free to check out previous post here
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Until next time,


13 thoughts on “My very own holiday makeup look (collab with bookiekunlere)

  1. Glamorous look just.

    Meanwhile i nominated you to the “sisterhood award” . Details are on my current blog post check it out.
    Remember participation is optional. If you do not want to, that s okay with me.


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