Beauty 101

Hello guys, have great news! There would be a section of the blog where i’l be sharing the few things i’ave learnt as a makeup artist and in the beauty industry in general…tagged

‘Beauty101’. Yay! So let’s get right into this!


1)Apply less foundation: when too much foundation is applied to the face, it settles into fine lines and causes breakouts like acne. Likewise, it increases the chance of your skin to get oily easily and then the makeup application looks so harsh and uneven as can be seen in the featured image(left side).

2)Dark liner on your lower lashes: i’m guilty of this as well, applying a dark eyepencil or eyeliner to your lower ashes or inner tearduct would make your eyes droppy and draw attention to dark circles. Hence, make you look older.

3)Dark eyebrow pencil: Just as dark liners can make you look older, dark brow pencils or powders would age you as well. I’l advice you go for your exact brow shade or a shade a bit lighter than your shade. However, not too light, our aim is not to look weird but natural and enhanced beauty. you feel me?

4)Lip liners myth: i know guys, we’av heard several times that our lip liners should be the shade of our lipstick. However, for the most natural effect, opt for a lip liner that matches the colour of your lips or neutralizes your lips.

That’s all for now darlings, i hope these tips would be helpful to you and if you have any questions, don’t forget to drop them in the comment section. If you enjoyed this post, i’m Sure you’l love this. kindly,like,share and subscribe!!!
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