Early days of spring #MOTD

‘With great power comes great responsibility’‎ that quote always Comes up in my head as a light bulb. My followers and readers I do not take you for granted infact I’m working on ways to improve the quality and consistency of my posts… some weekend ago I created this day time look while heading out(took a lot of selfies; front camera).


That week was when I just changed my weave so I was super excited to share it with you. However, my curling iron decided to get spoilt so I opted for a traditional way to curl my hair. If you want to see how? Kindly drop your comments.
Now back to this look.

Made use of this  same eye pallete and my sleek I divine pallette in neutral.

120 eye pallet

sleek i divine palette in neutral


I picked a silver shade first on my lid and inner tearduct, after which I applied a bronze gold shade on top(taupe from sleek neutral pallete).
I used honeycomb and toast from the sleek pallete to highlight under my brows.
For the outer V I used bark from the sleek pallete
Made use of Marykay eyeliner for my Wingliner.
I used a mauve lip pencil
Then went on with my usual foundation routine with mild highlight and contour. Yes! I applied falsies, however I removed it later on cause I was going for a natural simple but chic look. What is your go to makeup look this spring? Do share! I’l be sharing with you guys my collaboration gig on my next post! Kindly subscribe so you won’t miss it. Have you seen my beauty tips?
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