My hair Review(i made a custom wig)

Hi guys! another hair review was highly requested based on my current look. So i’m gonna break it down!

Hair: Chocolate bohemial

Length: 10 inches

Colour: 1B

Price: 4,000Naira for one and half


chocolate bohemial

Now, the last time i did this style here, the weavon was different. So this time i opted for better quality yet affordable. Okay! so i didn’t literally make a wig, just told my stylist to make one for me. hehe. So she used a medium cap size and basically bought all i needed. So in all, i spent 7,000Naira. If you make it your self you’l spend way less #girlpower.


Nice lustre

Get’s fuller (which i like)

Fine texture (almost like human hair)


Not much. It’s worth it.

Would i buy again? definately! My friends are loving the hair. have you seen my birthday post?

Keep in touch and let’s be friends!






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