Matured yet fun ways to style your braids

Hello loves, how you doing? so as you well known i’m on braids now and i felt i should bring you how to style 5 matured yet fun braid styles cause i feel the styles circulating are kinda childish and not everyday like… so here’s five quick and easy braid styles!

First style

braid styles
how to style your braids
How to: lay your hair like a side part, roll and twist then use bobby pins and a bun to secure. Then bring out a small portion of the back hair to the front.

Second style


how to: Put your hair in middle part, then take three strands of braids from each edge and tie it at the centre of your back hair… and we done!

Third style

how to style your braidsIMG_20160522_232644

how to: Again first place you hair in a side part, take a few amount from each side and braid then knot it at the back using hair bun and bobby pins.

Fourth style

how to: This is a middle part bob so all i did was use a bun to pack my hair at the back and style the front as i wish cause i wanted something a bit messy but cool.

Fifth style


how to: Again, side part and let the hair breathe…summer swag!

That’s all for now, if you want more i do have more styles just let me know in the comment section. Gracias! Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe! Checkout my Liebster Award to know those that were nominated. Thanks! Till next post…

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