Night time skincare routine 

It’s summer! Time for the gym after all procrastinations, time for skincare routines and beauty tips,most importantly time for that summer glow! Hence, i’l be sharing my night time skin care routine…reason being in the night the skin heals up

Night time skincare Routine
I’ave streamlined my routine using these same steps every single night. But if you like you can choose to exfoliate twice a week,depending on your skin type. My focus for my skin as always is to keep it smooth(no acne),bright (normal skin tone reveal) and clear (sun kissed) #summerready and make sure it’s 100% clean

What most people fail to realize is that pollution in the air and makeup leads to bad skin at the end of the day…even when you don’t apply makeup,one should always endeavor to wash your face regularly with water and use skincare products

My steps are

Skin care
1. Bio oil cleaner: I use it to remove makeup cause my makeup tends to stay all day and difficult to remove. Also apply it in the day as it helps remove my scars.After application I leave it for 5minutes then rinse off. However,when I use it in the day I don’t wash off

skin cleansers
2. Whitening cleansing milk: I tend to still have makeup residue on my face after step one so I double cleanse and brighting my skin with this cleanser. After 10 minutes I rinse off…

Eden Apricot Scrub
3. Scrub: I use the Eden apricot scrub and sometimes st Ives to exfoliate my skin…I keep saying skin cause these steps is not limited to the face…I rinse off after 3minutes (it’s a bit strong for dry skin)

Boma Shea butter
4. Shea butter: This is called ori here in Nigeria..It can also be gotten locally but I prefer the BOMA Shea butter and I basically use this to moisturize..I do not rinse off!

I love using oils at night cause I have a dry skin so using oils make my skin soft and smooth in the morning

All of the products combined achieve the same result, smooth,bright and glowy skin!!!

Let me know what products you’l like full reviews on and i’l work on getting them out ASAP 🙂

What products are you using in your nighttime routine? Let me know in the comments

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