DIY how to make a makeup brush cleanser

Hello all! Today i’l be showing you how to make the perfect sweet fragrance brush cleanser…

DIY how to make a brush cleanser

Olive oil

DIY brush cleanser

how to clean your makeup brushes
Kitchen paper towel


DIY how to make a makeup brush cleanser

1. Get an empty container

2. Put a good amount of shampoo

3. Add small amount of olive oil

4. Mix

5. Spray to the brushes and massage or wipe on the kitchen paper towel

Makeup brush cleanser
While making mine. I made use of my hair spray empty container,added aveeno pure renewal shampoo. (Secret to the smell),Goshen extra virgin oil and some water just cause the mixture was too thick. If you like you can add liquid soap…

how to clean ypur makeup brushes

Clean brush


As you can see from the pictures,my brushes came clean in no time and I didn’t have to apply so much water or rinse because excess water can spoil the brushes

I hope you enjoyed this walk through DIY…clean your makeup brushes for cleaner face and tag me on Instagram @primadonna_b or Twitter Bukeishow ..Don’t forget to like,share and subscribe 💕..checkout my Skincare post! Till next post



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