Bh cosmetics color corrector Review

The Bh cosmetics perfecting concealer is not far from its name

…you will understand what I mean in a bit…

bh cosmetics color correcting palette
My little secret for a while, that was only reviewed at the mud event I was invited to (post coming up) was that I have a scar on my face. This was as a result of using hot iron to burn myself when I was just two #inquisitivekid ..anyways what has helped me keep the secret so far is the Bh cosmetics color correcting palette 

Packaging: It comes in a black pack and a transparent white case . There is a glued on paper tag with the color shade and the name of the company at the bottom of it

Formula: it’s creamy but not too creamy and glides well, kinda like a gel liner.

Coverage/Application: Little portion amounts to a full coverage…very nice coverage 

bh cosmetics perfecting concealer

Colour range
: it has all the essential colors one needs to colour correct, highlight, conceal and contour
Where to find or buy: Basically any beauty shop or if you have troubles getting me .This is the original product

My take: I can no longer do without the BH cosmetics perfecting concealer…days when I’m in a hurry I just dab it and off I go..without foundation or anything else. Cool right!

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Till next post…

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