Zaron face definer Review plus Swatches 

Hi guys! Your girl  is back..yeah! I never stop…so what’s new? I experienced

this product first hand at the mud class I was invited to cause the guy ..simi, used me as his muse 👯 So I just had to get it! 

Zaron face definer
To be honest, prior to the time I didn’t need it but y’all know I’m a sucker for quality makeup and that’s where all my money goes 😥

: It comes in a black pack and another black case before you get to see the product…I give them an 100 for packaging cause it’s not what I’m used.


: These shades are highly’s a yes! And it’s also longlasting..

zaron facedefiner swatch

Application: A little goes a long way, so be a minimalist at this point 

Where to find or buy: Basically any beauty shop or if you have troubles getting me .This is the original product

My take : I would definitely keep going back for some more! 

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Xoxo 😘


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