Mud Academy Makeup class with simi

Summer is definitely the blogger beauty event months and I’ve had so many amazing opportunities to attend, some incredible events which I shared snippets on my snapchat and Instagram! I was super lucky and excited when I got a mail saying I

was invited to the mud cosmetics master class because I love mud products. 

Mud cosmetics nigeriaMud cosmetics productLabelle lipstickMakeup designatoryMud nigeria
Mud cosmetics Nigeria is a beauty brand which specializes in creating quality long lasting makeup. Everything from the packaging to the actual ingredients used to make these products are amazing with a lot of attention to detail! Cool right?

The friendly and creative teacher, simi used me as his muse for the second class and created a beautiful glow look in such a limited amount of time as it was getting late 

Makeup by mudMakeup by mudnigeria
The finished look was absolutely fantastic as you can see from pictures! All products used are listed below incase you curious like
MUD class by simi josh


Mud cream foundation pallet 


La girl lip pencil 

Labelle lipstick


Hegai and ester gel liner 

Mud Cream foundation pallet 

Mud cake eyeliner

Mud eye colour palette 

Mud mascara 

MUD primer

Revlon or duo adhesive glue for eyelash glue

The mud flat brush and many more! As I was the model it was a bit hard to note everything down…
During the makeup application,we were all given a chance to ask questions and make comments. 

Summary: Two different skin tones people were used as models for the first and second class respectively 

We were also thought tips on how best to use mud cosmetics Nigeria products…I got to meet new friends and socialize 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post

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