Life of a foodie 

You know the feeling when you work so hard and get so stressed with minimum help that you just feel like loosing it..

well, it happens to me too and what I do is take myself out..

food blogger
So I had lunch the other day at Spurs with my friend cause I hate going out alone and it was blissful

Spur restaurant
Started off with waffles for dessert and some fried rice and chicken kebab…

Friedrice and chilli sause with chicken kebab
Spur is my go to place despite the workers poor service but this time they were awful nice…reminded me of the time bae and I went to oceans basket and the guy explained that being nice affects their pay and I don’t mean tip…

lifestyle blogger
Now back to where it all started,everyone knows that I’m a foodie and I always find the best restaurants so I decided to start food blogging in my lifestyle section..hope y’all don’t mind drooling not only over makeup but food 😉

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