Review of Beauty essentials by N’sure

Hey guys, under the review series is no other than the Beauty Essentials by N’sure…Iv been curious to try this product and now that I have my hands on it

…I’m excited! 

Beauty Essentials by N'sure Natural tool sprayNatural brush cleanser
Natural tool spray 
Product This particular product is the beauty essentials by N’sure ‘Natural tool spray’ 

Packaging Not so psyched by the packaging cause it’s a bit simple and no external pack but like they say never judge a book by it’s cover 


Kills 99% of germs, hence a sanitizer for your hands,makeup tools and brushes

Product dries out as it cleans the brushes in seconds 

Prevents bacteria from entering 

Helps your brushes last longer with reduced water 

Container is reusable 

Reciew of BeautyEssentials by N'sure brush cleanser
MyTake This is another made in Nigeria product I’m excited about cause it works magic. At themakeupfair I was shown first hand but I just had to see it for my self…it cleans brushes super fast and as a makeup artist, no matter how many brushes I buy or wash…I always need more so now I can easily clean them on the go! Yippee 

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