How to stop your foundation from oxidizing

Happy new year guys…I know! :(I’m late but y’all don’t want me to get started on how

hectic it has been on the other side of this screen .

Oxidizing is when your makeup turns orange or dark brown after a while.

As you all know I’m a foundation junkie(well if you didn’t now you do) and I decided to try the classic foundation …Now if your a user of this product based on my explanation above you know it oxidizes and there are other drug store foundations that do this annoying act too…

Here’s how to deal with it

  • Dab with paper towel after your primer and after your powder application to remove excess oil from your face
  • Set your makeup with powder,not just any powder but a translucent one 

I hope you enjoyed yet another beauty 101 section 👯 Go ahead and check out this post, thank me later;)

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