2000 Plus followers on Instagram Giveaway

Hello loves, from the title you can tell this giveaway applies only to those following me or would be following me on Instagram and everyone is a winner as far as you follow the Rules ….

In collaboration with @frootfulng I’m giving all my new and old followers a GIVEAWAY 🙀Here’s to thank you for 2k plus followers 😘🤗and 100plus views on YouTube.

The rules are simple

1)must be following us @frootfulng

2)must be following @primadonna_b

3)Repost image using the hashtag #frootfulnggiveaway 4)mention three friends below 5)comment “done” under this post

Multiple winners would be selected between now and 30th.

Direct Link to my Instagram (Primadonna_b)

Xoxo ❤️

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